Home / GIF / All the Important Bits from Bitten (season 1) – Mostly Kristen Pizycki (body Double for Laura Vandervoort). Actual Male to Female Nudity Ratio is Something Like 5:1 So the Overall Plot is Extremely Lacking.

All the Important Bits from Bitten (season 1) – Mostly Kristen Pizycki (body Double for Laura Vandervoort). Actual Male to Female Nudity Ratio is Something Like 5:1 So the Overall Plot is Extremely Lacking.

All the important bits from Bitten (Season 1) – Mostly Kristen Pizycki (body double for Laura Vandervoort). Actual male to female nudity ratio is something like 5:1 so the overall plot is extremely lacking.

Credit: FemaleNun

All the Important Bits from Bitten (season 1) – Mostly Kristen Pizycki (body Double for Laura Vandervoort). Actual Male to Female Nudity Ratio is Something Like 5:1 So the Overall Plot is Extremely Lacking.

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NSFW: Kate Upton Credit: traumathroaway1 Kate Upton


  1. [The rest of the missing scenes:](https://gfycat.com/flawedscientificbluemorphobutterfly)

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