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Demi Lovato Turns 26 Today


Demi Lovato turns 26 today


Demi Lovato Turns 26 Today

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  1. Barely made it.

  2. BrokenLink1997

    I still would… Roll Them Dice!!!

  3. My cousin died of a heroin overdose. I’m hoping Miss Lavato and her family never go through that.

  4. So shes got one more year to go

  5. CrustySouthAfrian

    She’s as hot as most of her spoons

  6. PandaLad56485765647

    Danny Devito’s lookin’ pretty good these days

  7. i don’t es get the hype about her

  8. If she holds out one more year she can join the 27 club.

  9. RemindMe! 1 year

  10. What a beauty and talent. I am do glad we did not lose this beautiful soul.

  11. Siddhantredditor

    Hottest heroin addict ever

  12. How old is that in fiend years?

  13. These comments. Jesus Christ.

  14. XavierScorpionIkari

    Nice mugs.

  15. So hot when she was not a thick as now (I’d still like to se some nudes from now)

  16. She’s a crackhead too.

  17. Lol, this ain’t recent.

    Pretty chubby now.

  18. So She likes the Big H?

  19. Oh, she’s still alive?

  20. IWannaBangBiel

    I defy you to get through her Fabletics ad without fapping.

    Banned from 3 Best Buys and counting.

  21. OurHandsAreFree


  22. Did she get a boobjob?

  23. One more year to go….

  24. When I was a high school senior, she was in 6th grade.

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