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Elizabeth Berkley and Rena Riffel

Celebrity”s Pussy:

Elizabeth Berkley and Rena Riffel

Credit: el_gringo_del_norte

Elizabeth Berkley and Rena Riffel

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  1. The internet desperately needs a remastered hd version of this movie. For science purposes

  2. dont_touch-me_there

    Scissor me timbers!

  3. The least sexiest movie about strippers I’ve ever seen. Elizabeth Berkeley having epileptic seizures all over everybody for like 2 hours.

  4. The movie that basically ended Elizabeth’s career. I loved it though.

  5. Freaking hot!

  6. Pleading ignorance again, movie please.

  7. AntiSocialTroglodyte

    Gawddamn, they just went at it! Fuckin’ love hot sweaty skin, really makes this scene for me.

  8. TyroneShoelaces69

    I beat my dick raw to this movie.

  9. If only real titty bars were this exciting.

  10. Now IM so excited!

  11. Is this movie in 4k?

  12. This movie is the least sexiness movie i’ve ever seen with nude girls in it. Not one boner once the whole time. Just sadness and confusion. And I had a crush on Elizabeth Berkley from Save by the Bell. So sad.

  13. One of my top 10 scenes. The full screen version is even better.

  14. You know Slater was jackin’ at it.

  15. Rena Riffel was far hotter than Elizabeth Berkley. Got to love a stupid hot stripper…

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