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Katarina Witt

Celebrity’s Pussy:

Katarina Witt

Credit: el_gringo_del_norte

Katarina Witt

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  1. who_are_you_now

    I was so in lust with her in the 80s. Thank you for this Friday treat.

  2. Spectacular!

  3. There is nothing better than a lady with pubes

  4. Having met her in the mid 90s,I gotta say, she is STUNNING in person. Pictures do not do her justice.

  5. This picture is over 20 years old, from when she posed in Playboy (1998), which was about a decade after she won her the last of her Championships and Olympic medals. Needless to say, back in the day, it was a very well selling issue.

  6. -suicide-king-

    Katarina Witt is beautiful and I’m very happy to look at her naked body.
    But I got the name confused with Alicia Witt and got ridiculously fucking excited until I looked and realized it was the brunette skater Witt, not the redheaded actress Witt.

  7. Bring on the people commenting on how great it is with a woman with a bush. I fear every photo with tan lines and pubes at the same time.

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