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Lady Gaga in a Star is Born (r/celebnsfw)

Celebrity’s Pussy:

Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born (r/celebnsfw)

Credit: GirIsKing

Lady Gaga in a Star is Born (r/celebnsfw)

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  1. itsthematrixdood

    She got naked in the movie?

  2. jesuisinconito

    Nice vagina !

  3. I’ve seen this movie five times and just now noticing she’s shaved.

  4. dont_worry_im_here

    Who’s gonna keep tradition and post it next week?

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  6. Her pussy is way prettier than her face, actually it’s gorgeous.

  7. Woah! Fake celebjihad thing?

  8. Shopped the bush out.

  9. You can’t even see it

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