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Olivia Wilde

Celeb of the Day:

Olivia Wilde

Credit: sagar7854

Olivia Wilde

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  1. I’ve never seen this picture before, her body looks amazing

  2. Jesus, this is by far the best pic I’ve ever seen of her. So sexy.

  3. WoodULike2KnowMore

    Guy Aroch photoshoot for GQ magazine Italy, January 2010

  4. Luscious!

  5. I love when unreleased/rare photos from older photoshoots surface online… makes me wonder how much good stuff we never get to see there is

  6. amazing…rare pic

  7. Never knew she had one nostril.

  8. So Hot

  9. She looks so sexy in those panties.

  10. Aldum link please 😍😍😍😍

  11. Friendly_Fresh

    She was all kinds of smart and charming on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. I genuinely want to see her directorial debut.

  12. acidtripper666

    She’s a killer queen

  13. MoonlightStarling

    She’s the perfect woman.

  14. ApocketCrocketE

    Her hair is so beautiful here.

  15. Oh Thirteen (o・ω・o)

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